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As photographers we're always learning and trying to find better ways to work.

We're adding some presets, workflows, and tips that we learn along the way below. We hope they're useful to you and would love to hear back anything that we could improve and learn from you too.

Lightroom Presets

Lightroom import preset to lens correct and desaturate using HSL panel

This preset can be used for all your images on first import into Adobe Lightroom. Firstly it will lens correct (ours is currently set to a Canon 70-200mm L-Series, then it will desaturate your image using HSL (so you don't lose colour detail) but can still adjust luminosity or check your lighting setup while shooting in greyscale.

The preset is brilliant for viewing your images in greyscale to allow you to adjust luminosity, using HSL, before reverting back to colour.
Download: Art to Choke Hearts - Base Preset.xmp

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