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What you should expect from your photographer and your shoot

Do's and Don'ts

  • Sometimes a glass of wine or champagne helps calm the nerves, and chocolate is always welcome, but please do not arrive intoxicated. 

  • We are happy to shoot nude and implied nude however, in general, we don't shoot overtly sexually content. We are happy to shoot the human form and emotions, and flow freely with you while shooting. There are a few ways in which we do not wish our work to be represented unless specifically mutually agreed. You should feel safe knowing that we will not ask you to pose for “open leg” if nude, bent over, explicit, or lewd poses.

  • You can expect that you will at no time be touched by the photographer while posing. We'll direct only with words or by showing examples. If a hair is out of place or we need you to move a body part, we'll direct unless specifically requested or agreed with you. 

  • You, and we, reserve the right to say no to any poses, themes or concepts that are cheesey, tacky, humiliating, offensive and/or are not aligned with both your and our ethics or brand. 

  • To avoid awkwardness, we will be clear about the kind of photos we wish to create during initial communication with each other.


Posting Photos / Attribution

  • You reserve the right to ask for a photo to be erased permanently if it does not adhere to your limitations. 

  • If it does adhere to the agreed guidelines but you don’t want a link to yourself, your brand, or have any attributions to your name or social media handles removed; please request in writing and any personal identifiers will be removed. 

Duo Modelling

  • Should a shoot require another model you will (both) be informed of who the model is, what the concept is, and will have both agreed to modelling with each other with ample time before the shoot.

  • If you would like to invite someone to model with you we will require them to fill out their own release form prior to the shoot. 

Second Shooters

  • If you wish to invite a friend to capture the session you may do so, however the second shooter will not give direction during the shoot.

Chaperones, Safety, and Support

  • You are more than welcome to invite another person to attend the shoot with you. Due to location (parking, venue size etc) and OHS (lighting, cables etc) restrictions you should plan ahead and let us know who will be attending so that we can make sure you’re both comfortable. This excludes any creative team such as a make up artist, hair dresser, wardrobe or stylist. 

  • We usually work as a pair and we may invite additional support to help with lighting or in a professional creative capacity as mentioned in the point above, however you will be notified in advance of the shoot and have the right ask for a closed set. 

Social Media Promotion & TFP

  • We are interested in collaborating with people and brands that are local, creative, and have a positive message about bodies, sexuality, gender and race. 

  • Feel free to pass on our details if you know anyone like this or, if you're happy to just share our work and credit us on social media.

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